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As you probably know, here at Jigthings we sell the best range of jigsaw puzzle accessories in the world but we don’t sell jigsaws – nonetheless we do love them!

You will find below a list of many online jigsaw and puzzle stores that we have found and dealt with.  Most of the stores are happy to dispatch internationally but for your reference we have shown the country in which each site is based.  We have also given a few sites where you can play puzzles online.

Most people who like puzzles also like quizzes so we have thrown in a few of those for good measure.  Have fun!

Online Jigsaw Stores

  • Platinum Puzzles

    The company cuts beautiful, bespoke puzzles from 5 ply mahogany.  If you are new to the wonderful world of wooden puzzles then do take a look!

  • RAR Puzzles

    USA: An excellent site for buying and selling second-hand wooden puzzles – particularly Stave, Par and Pastime Puzzles.

  • All Jigsaw Puzzles

    UK: The largest dedicated online supplier of jigsaws in the UK

  • Heirloom Puzzles

    USA: Heirloom Puzzles provide some of the finest handcrafted wooden puzzles for children – all at affordable prices

  • legpuzzels.nl

    Holland: The largest online retailer of jigsaw puzzles in the Netherlands. Puzzles in all shapes and sizes

  • Stave Puzzles

    USA: Probably the finest wooden jigsaw puzzles available – a leader in wooden jigsaw puzzles since 1974

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Online Puzzle Stores

  • Amazon UK

    UK: Excellent customer service, unsurpassed delivery and the largest range of jigsaws available.  What more could you ask?

  • Amazon USA

    USA: As with UK Amazon, this is as good as it gets.

  • Best Quality Toys

    USA: Puzzles, games and wheeled toys

  • Brain Puzzles

    USA:  Puzzles that are each categorized by level of difficulty

  • Brilliant Puzzles

    USA: Each puzzle is categorized by its level of difficulty

  • Damhorst Toys and Puzzles

    USA: Handcraften wooden puzzles for young children

  • Frik-n-Frak

    USA: Puzzle boxes, brain teasers, mechanical puzzles and gift ideas ‘Generating Smiles and Stimulating Minds’

  • Games and Puzzles

    UK: specialist  puzzles and boardgames

  • Hobby Wonder

    USA: Puzzles including street scenes, castles and vehicles

  • i8899.com

    USA: Wooden puzzles are categorized in animal, dinosaur, stationary, building, etc. These are excellent 3D model educational tools, home and office decorations and collectibles

  • It’s Cubular

    USA: Speciality site for crossword enthusiasts

  • Little Folks Puzzle Company

    USA: Giant floor puzzles for young children

  • MonkeyPod Games

    USA: A wide variety of wooden puzzles, brainteasers and metal puzzles

  • Mr Puzzle

    USA: Many different types of puzzles and brainteasers

  • Puzzle Master

    Canada: The company has a large and unique collection of brain teasers and puzzles for sale. In addition they carry chess, mechanical banks, puzzle books, magic trick books, boomerangs, etc.

  • Puzzles and Beyond

    USA:  Jigsaw puzzles, religious puzzles, bible puzzles, monopoly board games, animal puzzles, floor puzzles & wood puzzles for children, with a wide variety of pictures & themes to choose from at Puzzles and Beyond

  • Puzzles Plus

    USA: Brain teasers, learning games, 3D puzzles and jigsaws

  • Serious Puzzles

    USA: Gifts of many different kinds for puzzle enthusiasts

  • Spilsbury

    USA: Uncommon jigsaws and 3D puzzles

  • Tangle Creations

    USA: A range of unique products collectively known as ‘Tangles’

  • The Puzzle Box Shop

    USA: Puzzle ideas inspired by the movie Hellraiser

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Play Jigsaws Online

  • Aha Puzzles

    Lloyd King’s creative “aha!” puzzles and puzzle books. This is a subscription site but it costs only a few dollars a year

  • Daily Jigsaw

    Play a new puzzle free every day. Large selection for all ages and skill levels

  • Jigsaw Flash

    Free online jigsaw puzzles in varying sizes including a daily puzzle and a selection of puzzles you can add to your own blog or website

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Play Quizzes Online

  • DP Quiz for Quizmasters

    A great site, not only for quizmasters but for all who love quizzes

  • KS3 Quizzes in English, Maths and Science

    If you are studying Key Stage (KS3) subjects including English, Maths and Science then this is a really great place to visit!

  • Play Quizzes

    An extensive range of quizzes on many different subjects. Play online or print for offline use. It’s all free!

  • Pub Quizzes

    Compile your own pub quizzes free of charge. Huge selection of questions and multiple choice answers from which to make-up your very own quiz

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Jigsaw and Puzzle Reference Sites

  • Dutch Puzzle References

    A useful reference site for puzzlers but you will probably need to ask Google to translate it for you!

  • The Big Game Hunter

    An odd title yes, but a wonderful source of reference for puzzle lovers! Endless hours of entertaining reading provided by Bruce Whiehill

  • The Jigasaurus

    Compiled by a passionate lover of jigsaw puzzles.  Contains a great deal of fascinating information about many different types and manufactures of puzzles

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