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What Are Some Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Ideas?

Jigthings offer the most comprehensive range of jigsaw puzzle accessories available anywhere. As you might expect we think that puzzle accessories make better presents than jigsaws! Here are our thought processes:

  1. If you give a jigsaw as a present then the recipient of the gift might already have that particular puzzle and two puzzles exactly the same are no fun at all
  2. The recipient may not like the picture on the puzzle you have chosen for them
  3. Jigsaws are usually completed only once and then put away in a cupboard or given away and forgotten about. Is that a fitting end to a gift from you?
  4. Puzzle accessories can be used time and again with any amount of different puzzles and each time the accessory is used you will be thought about. Much nicer, don’t you think?

We have provided below some gift ideas for different occasions.

Gift Ideas for Christmas

It will come as no surprise to you that more jigsaw gifts are given at Christmas than at any other time. When it’s wet and cold outside, what could be more enjoyable than sitting in front of the fire piecing together a jigsaw?

Although any teenagers in the family might groan at the prospect of getting out the traditional Christmas jigsaw, you will most likely find that they are up at 2:00am totally addicted to putting the pieces together!

If you are feeling extravagant, then a Jigsort makes a perfect present for any household where a table cannot be constantly devoted to a jigsaw, and that’s almost all of us. Give a Jigsort as a present and for evermore a half-completed jigsaw can be safely put away in seconds. Less expensive, but an equally appreciated gift, is a Jigsafe. This makes a thoughtful present to give to anyone who has ever suffered the dreaded 999 piece puzzle experience. Using Jigsafe you just NEVER lose the final piece.

Christmas jigsaw puzzle gifts

To make the Christmas present complete don’t forget the actual jigsaw! To make sure that your jigsaw gift has not already been completed by the gift recipient, you could do a lot worse than choose one of the ‘Christmas Specials’ that most manufacturers bring out each year.

Jigsaw puzzle anniversary gifts

Gift Ideas for Anniversaries

Here’s a lovely gift idea that we have shamelessly stolen from the Japanese. Several young couples over there buy each other a gift of a jigsaw that features an image that they both share an affinity with. It might be a well-loved landscape, a building, a holiday destination, wild animals or even favorite Disney characters. They then do the jigsaw together and hang it on the wall both as a lasting symbol of the things that they hold dear and their willingness to work together.

From about their 30th wedding anniversary onwards most couples have finally got their lives in order again and they can start doing more leisurely things together – in short, perfect candidates for jigsaw puzzle gifts. A Jigsort combined with a quality jigsaw is the ideal present to introduce a couple to the fun of jigsawing, particularly if they are the ‘Tidy-minded sort’.

Gift Ideas for Birthdays

Any of the Jigthings range of products will make very welcome birthday gifts for anyone who you know is an enthusiastic jigsaw-doer. But what if you DON’T know just how keen they are on jigsaws? Our suggestion is to test the water with a Jigsafe present. If the next time you visit them you find that your precious gift of nesting boxes is being used to store their loose coins, their postage stamps or miscellaneous kitchen items then you can safely assume that they are not mad about jigsaw puzzles! At least you won’t have broken the bank to find out.

One of the great things about giving Jigthings presents to a jigsaw enthusiast is that you know that they cannot have too many. Duplicated Jigsafes or Jigsorts can be used to take away on holiday, in caravans, boats, holiday homes, second homes or even just the spare room. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for duplicated jigsaws received as gifts – it is a sad fact of life that none of us want to do the same one twice!

Jigsaw puzzle birthday gifts
Jigsaw puzzle retirement gifts

Gift Ideas for Retirement

Inevitably the older we get the less easy it is to get out and about. One of the really nice things about Jigthings presents is that they can be enjoyed at home and at any age – we are delighted to say that some Jigthings have been given as 100th birthday presents. If you don’t want to give your elderly friends and relations the usual ‘boring’ socks, slippers or handkerchiefs then do consider a fun jigsaw gift.

Downsizing to a smaller home is often the cue for a present of a Jigsafe or a Jigsort because they enable relatively large puzzles to be made in a small space.

Want to really spoil your elderly friend? A jigsaw puzzle table is the most comfortable way to do a jigsaw yet devised. If that were not enough our tables are small enough and manoeuvrable enough to be used for many other purposes. If space is at a premium then you could not do better.

Don’t forget also that jigsaw puzzles are one of the very best ways to bring groups of people together in hotels, community centres, residential homes or even the Queen Mary 2. Present a Jigboard along with a jigsaw in any area where several people can meet and you will find that it quickly becomes the focal point of the entire building (or ship!).

The pleasure that people derive from jigsaw puzzles cannot be over-stated. Many customers have told us that a Jigthings gift has given friends and relatives a whole new lease of life.

Keeping it together

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