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Tailten Games Jigsaw Puzzles

Let’s take a look at Tailten Games and see what their jigsaw puzzles are like. You can check out our other Puzzle Manufacturers pages to see how they are different.

Click the picture below to see the puzzle pieces blown up to “life size”

Tailten Games Boann Jim Fitzpatrick Jigsaw Puzzle Section

These are grid cut puzzles with ordinary piece shapes.

Tailten Games was founded by Murray Heasman – a craftsman with considerable experience. Murray was interested in the manufacture of games and toys from his childhood and even as a teenager he had one of his ideas adopted by the Airfix model making company. As Murray grew up he found himself carving wood as a hobby and then branched out to produce personal mandolin and guitar straps. Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin is the proud owner of one of these.

The launch of the jigsaw business came about when Murray hired Rachel Arbuckle (a keen artist who specialises in fine Celtic art) to paint the image for the outside of a game board. Murray recognized her talent and asked her to do some paintings for jigsaw puzzles which turned out to be a great success. Another artist, Jim Fitzpatrick, was brought into the equation and thus Tailten Puzzles was born.

Tailten sells 4 main collections of puzzles as follows:

  • Rachel Arbuckle Collection
  • Jim Fitzpatrick Collection
  • Celtic Legends Collection
  • Leprechauns Collection

All the puzzles feature beautiful and colourful designs that cannot fail to appeal to lovers of Irish heritage and folklore.

Contact Details:

Liscubba, Clonakitty
West Cork

Website – http://www.tailtengames.com/purrfectpuzzles.html

Email: info@tailtengames.com

The four images below are a representative selection of the jigsaw puzzles sold by Tailten Games.

Tailten Games Jigsaw Puzzle - Courting Peacocks

Courting Peacocks

Tailten Games Jigsaw Puzzle - National Museum of Ireland

National Museum of Ireland

Tailten Games Jigsaw Puzzle - Nauda the High King

Nauda the High King

Tailten Games Jigsaw Puzzle - Soft Day

Soft Day

Keeping it together

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