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Serendipity Jigsaw Puzzles

Let’s take a look at Serendipity and see what their jigsaw puzzles are like. You can check out our other Puzzle Manufacturers pages to see how they are different.

Click the picture below to see the puzzle pieces blown up to “life size”

Serendipity Christmas Traditions Jigsaw Puzzle Section

These are random cut jigsaw puzzles with fascinating piece shapes. As far as we know, this style of cutting is unique to this company.

The Marek group are specialist printers who started manufacturing jigsaw puzzles for many different companies and publishers. In 2003 they decided to launch their own brand of adult puzzles under the name of Serendipity.

The company are continuously experimenting with new angles for jigsaw puzzles and their innovative packaging includes tubes, tins and paint cans! In 2013 they claimed to be the fastest growing puzzle manufacturer in the USA.

Serendipity do not sell direct to consumers but they have become well established with online retailers and many shops also stock their products. Images range from quite traditional to very surreal.

Contact Details:

Website: http://www.serendipitypuzzles.com/home.htm

Email: sue@serendipitypuzzles.com

The four images below are a representative selection of the jigsaw puzzles sold by Serendipity.

Serendipity Jigsaw Puzzle - Deer Camp

Deer Camp

Serendipity Jigsaw Puzzle - Red Tail Pass

Red Tail Pass

Serendipity Jigsaw Puzzle - Snack Time With Santa

Snack Time With Santa

Serendipity Jigsaw Puzzle - The Hunt

The Hunt

Keeping it together

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