Ricordi Jigsaw Puzzles

Let’s take a look at Ricordi and see what their jigsaw puzzles are like. You can check out our other Puzzle Manufacturers pages to see how they are different.

Click the picture below to see the puzzle pieces blown up to “life size”

Ricordi Jigsaw Puzzle Section

These are grid cut puzzles with ordinary piece shapes.

Ricordi is an Italian company with two main specialities – fine art jigsaw puzzles and high quality, educational posters. The company has been involved in printing since 1808.

Some of Ricordi’s educational posters are featured in the background of major Hollywood movies, including the movie “Invictus” which was directed by Clint Eastwood and starred Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman.

They list over 490 jigsaw puzzles each of which features a famous work of art. Artists include Dali, Matisse, Michelangelo, Romano, Salvador Dali, Monet and Van Gogh. If you like the idea of making a puzzle whose image is a stunning work of art then you need look no further than Ricordi.

Each puzzle is made of strong, recycled board which resists breaking and is environmentally friendly. All puzzles are printed on art paper, ensuring reproduction of the highest quality. In addition, this is one of only a handful of manufacturers who still provide a “Missing Puzzle Piece” service.

The business generously funds the cause of building and improving the educational system in Kenya, “AMREF” – African Medical and Research Foundation.

Contact details:

Telephone: 44-207-097-1839

Website: http://www.ricordi.info/

Email: private@ricordi.info

The four images below are a representative selection of the jigsaw puzzles sold by Ricordi.

Ricordi Jigsaw Puzzle - Flaming June

Flaming June

Ricordi Jigsaw Puzzle - Jaune Rogue Bleu

Jaune Rogue Bleu

Ricordi Jigsaw Puzzle - De La Memoire

De La Memoire

Ricordi Jigsaw Puzzle - La Tentation De Saint Antoine

La Tentation De Saint Antoine

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