Jigsort 1500

Complete Puzzle system
Everything packs away
Light removable board
Separate sort trays
Easy to transport

Fits most puzzles up to 1500 pieces
All puzzles up to 35.5″ x 25.5″


Puzzle Case for 1500 Piece Jigsaws

All the different sizes of Jigsort share the same attributes and you can read all about these at the puzzle cases overview page.

The Jigsort 1500 is the largest Jigsort in the range. The board within this puzzle carrier/case/holder measures 35.5 inches; x 25.5 inches; and it will accommodate almost all the puzzles you are likely to come across. For a complete list of puzzle types that fit please see the table at the bottom of this page.

This is the puzzle case most often used by dedicated puzzle enthusiasts and aficionados! The great majority of popular puzzles are made in the 1000 piece size and it could therefore be argued that a 1000 piece Jigsort would be adequate but even when doing 1000 piece jigsaws there is an advantage to using a Jigsort 1500.

If you are a regular puzzle-doer you will know how it is when you pick up a puzzle piece that doesn’t quite fit but you know you will have need of it soon. Well, the extra space around the outside of a 1000 piece puzzle that is sitting on a 1500 size board provides the ideal area to keep the piece safe for later use.

As you have already learned, Jigsorts are made of the highest quality, durable materials and with the Jigsort 1500 this means they are a substantial weight – nearly 20lbs. For anyone under retirement age this is not likely to be a major problem but it is something to keep in mind if the product will be used by someone elderly.

The list below shows the sizes of puzzle that can and cannot be accommodated in the Jigsort 1500:

Puzzles that fit the Jigboard 1500

Technical Details

Manufacturer: Jigthings Limited
UPC Number: 783318584331
Suitable Age Range: 14 years and up
Product Weight: 18 lbs

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