Jigboard 500

Enjoyable puzzle making
Easy to move around
Raised edge ensures no lost pieces
Includes protective dust cover

Fits most puzzles up to 500 pieces
Fits all puzzles up to 20.5″ x 15.5″


The Baby in the Jigboard Range!

Of the 4 Jigboard sizes this is the smallest in the range. Over on our puzzle boards overview page you can read why so many thousands of puzzle enthusiasts use Jigboards of different sizes to construct their jigsaws.

Although this is the ‘Baby’ of the Jigboard range it is still made to the same exacting standards as the more expensive products. To refresh your memory, the attributes that are shared by all Jigboards are their light, portable internal board and rigid, raised edge with the whole completely enveloped in a soft baize-like material.This is the puzzle board made especially for small puzzles (especially 500 piece puzzles) but many jigsaw devotees and puzzle addicts will tell you that 500 piece puzzles are just for beginners! We accept that there are far more 1000 piece puzzles than there are 500 piece ones. But we also know that there are very many small puzzles waiting to be loved and cherished and you need look no further than the choice of 300 piece and 500 piece puzzles listed on an Internet search to know that there is a strong demand for them.

The great thing about the 500 size is that it is so easily moveable from place to place. It can be carried and rested on your knee or a small table virtually anywhere you like to sit. If you are prepared to accept the fact that there are less puzzles to choose from and you don’t relish the challenge of the 1000 piece puzzles then stick with the 500 size and enjoy them!

By the way, did you know there is mathematical evidence to say that it takes 4 times as long to complete a 1000 piece puzzle as it does to complete a 500 piece puzzle? It’s all to do with the total number of different permutations for placing pieces within a jigsaw.

If you are looking for the height of luxury in puzzle-doing then you might consider marrying a Jigboard 500 with one of our puzzle tables – probably the most relaxing combination of products in the jigsaw world!

Check below to see if the puzzles you like to do will fit on this 500 size of puzzle board:

Puzzles that fit the Jigboard 500

Technical Details

Manufacturer: Jigthings Limited
UPC Number: 699687158052
Suitable Age Range: 14 years and up
Product Weight: 2.3 lbs

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