Jigboard 1500

Enjoyable puzzle making
Easy to move around
Raised edge ensures no lost pieces
Includes protective dust cover

Fits most puzzles up to 1500 pieces
Fits all puzzles up to 35.5″ x 25.5″


Jigboard 1500 – Our 2nd Largest Puzzle Board

This is the second largest of the 4 different sizes of puzzle boards that are manufactured and sold by Jigthings. All the boards share the same characteristics but they are tailored for different sizes of puzzle. It might be a good idea to have a quick read of our puzzle boards overview page to find out why puzzles are so much more fun when you own a specialist jigsaw board.

The interior measurements of this board are 35.5″ by 25.5″ and there are both pros and cons to owning a board this big.

It is the size chosen by most very enthusiastic jigsaw puzzlers simply because it will happily accommodate more than 95% of the puzzles available. It is large enough for all 1000 piece puzzles and almost all 1500 piece ones. The only exception we know of in the US is the Springbok 1500 piece puzzle which is just a little too large to fit. JR Puzzles (Handley Printers) in the UK also make an ‘oversize’ puzzle.

Remember that just because you have a 1500 piece board, it doesn’t mean that you are restricted to doing only 1500 piece puzzles! When you choose to do smaller puzzles you will have the benefit of extra working space around the outside of the jigsaw you are building.

On the downside, it is worthwhile considering that at nearly 3 feet long this is a sizeable piece of equipment and it weighs in at just over 8 lbs. The size and weight present no problems to most people but if the Jigboard is to be used by someone a little frail (particularly if the requirement is to frequently move it around) then it might be worthwhile considering one of the smaller puzzle board options.

The table below confirms all the sizes of puzzle that will fit on the Jigboard 1500.

Puzzles that fit the Jigboard 1500

Technical Details

Manufacturer: Jigthings Limited
UPC Number: 787799987926
Suitable Age Range: 14 years and up
Product Weight: 9 lbs

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