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Make Every Jigsaw Puzzle More Fun!

  • Tables, cases, boards and boxes to keep your pieces snug and safe
  • Luxury and comfort that puzzlers love
  • Free shipping and quick dispatch
Lady relaxing with a Jigtable

Puzzle Tables

Fanily in garden enjoying a Jigboard

Puzzle Boards

Jigsort puzzle case

Puzzle Cases

Puzzle Safes

Puzzling is loads of fun and a fantastic hobby but it’s even more enjoyable with a range of products specifically designed with comfort and ease in mind.

  • Never lose a puzzle piece again
  • Sort your pieces into color or shape and keep part-assembled puzzles safe & secure
  • Sit in your most comfortable armchair and let the puzzle come to you

Jigthings has been ‘keeping it together’ since the turn of the century and we are proud of the fact that we are now acknowledged as a world leader in the supply of equipment for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts.

If you are new to the world of Jigthings or are buying a jigsaw puzzle gift for someone then you might need a little guidance and our website is designed with that in mind.

Each of our puzzle items has a page devoted to it that provides you with pictures, videos and a full explanation about its use.

Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas


Get the perfect gift for your friends & family

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Curious cow

Can You Believe It?

Puzzle Q&A

Why are jigsaws called jigsaws? What is a whimsy? When was the first one made? Explore the world of jigsaw puzzles – you’ll be amazed!

Industrious ants

Do They Really?

Puzzle Manufacturers

We don’t sell jigsaws puzzles but we know a lot about them. Choose the manufacturers whose puzzles you like best.

inquisitive owl

Whatever Next?

Puzzle Blog

What’s trending? Any new releases? Keep up-to-date with developments in the puzzle world by reading the exciting Jigthings blog.

“We really love it. We just zip it up when we are done so it isn’t out on the table. Works great.”

C Milno, Glenmount, OH

“This is just what I needed. I am indoor potty training two puppies right now so they don’t yet have the run of the house. I need eyes on them at all times. This board allows me to move around. Very happy…”

L Doyle, New York, NY

“Great product. Keeps my thieving cats out of the pieces!”

M Danley, Napa, CA

“I am really happy with the Jigsort 1000. Now, I don’t have to worry about my puzzle pieces when the grandchildren visit..”

J Zinck, Melrose, MA

Keeping it together

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